The problem of the responsibility in the biblical formulation.


Description of the man creation and following after it description of the fall shows that the man is the ethical creature and is subject to a moral rights. It arises the responsibility. The crime is subject to the punishment, and obedience will be awarded. In the history of the biblical revelation comes first of all the notion of the collective responsibility which loses its part of the translation of events experienced by the nation in the voice first it Babylonian constrains. Then comes to the voice the notion of the personal responsibility which lets every individual participate in supporting the religious relation to the God but it gives also a serious difficulties. The Book of Job undertakes the problem of the suffering fair, the Book of Kohelet the question, why unfair does not bear punishment. The fuller possible solution is just after understanding that the repayment does not end within the earthly life, but there is the place for it in the hereafter life. It becomes the call to undertaking responsibility connected with the hope full of the responsibility.
Key words: responsibility, collective responsibility, individual responsibility, freedom, repayment, three gifts: ground, kingdom, temple, the hereafter life, Ezechiel, Hiob, Kohelet