Interpretacje mechaniki kwantowej jako ontologie mikroświata w ujęciu Rogera Penrose'a


Any physical theory can be looked upon from two distinct points of view. One of them demands that the theory provides precise predictions of experimental results without inquiring if the theory's formalism yields a picture of the physical reality it purports to describe. The other view, however, seeks to propose a structure of such a reality. In that regard, one speaks about the ontological claims of a given theory. Until quite recently, quantum mechanics has not been believed to offer any respectable ontology. Contemporary studies show that such view is no longer tenable thereby opening a vast area for discussion on what may constitute the most fundamental building blocks of the microworld. An interesting proposal has been put forward by Roger Penrose who insists that mathematical entities such as wave functions underpin the quantum reality. Consequently, the ontology of a given interpretation of quantum mechanism is defined by its formalism. The in-depth analysis of the relation between interpretations of quantum mechanics and their respective ontologies as perceived by Roger Penrose is the primary goal of the study.
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