Motu Proprio Benedykta XVI «Summorum Pontificum» – szansa dla chorału gregoriańskiego


The Gregorian Chant has always been considered as the proper chant of the Catholic Church. A survey of the contemporary situation reveals that the use of this chant has been recently considerably limited. The Holy Father Benedict XVI lays great stress on the restoration of the spirit of the liturgy and points out to the necessity of bringing back the sense of mystery and transcendence where it was lost. Benedict XVI’s motu proprio Summorum pontificum that grants a wider usage of the previous form of the Roman Rite according to the rubrics of 1962 (commonly called the Tridentibe Rite) offers an important incentive to restore the use of the Gregorian Chant throughout the entire Catholic Church. The implementation of simple Gregorian masses in parish settings is not an easy task. However, it does not exceed the intellectual capacities of an average parishioner and it can be easily accomplished by a properly formed musical staff.