Organista i muzyka organowa w dokumentach Kościoła


These well known formulations on the role of music organs and organ¬ists in liturgy, made in the Church documents, seem to be just the starting point signaled here, for all of those documents say about Church musicians, composers, choirs, schola cantorum, that is, the issues somehow related to the role of the organist as such.
On the Days of the Church Music, so as to follow the tradition, Cardin¬al Stanislaw Dziwisz sends his message to all organists of the Cracow Arch¬diocese. This year it is specially devoted to the organists' significant role and duties. Cardinal wrote as follows: "When I visit churches and parishes of our Archdiocese, I should admit it is quite often that I feel uplifted with your attitude full of love to Church, with your sense of service and unity with priests in a good deed to preach the Gospel in our Archdiocese through the highest quality music. Still, unfortunately, there are also parishes, where un¬derstanding and caring for liturgical music is still sadly neglected. Where no beautiful organ music can be heard, where there are no choirs, and children singing in schola cantorum cannot count on an organist's help. Something should be done to change this! This situation cannot continue! And this it what should be your pastoral duty"20.
If we provide good education to prepare future organists, choir con¬ductors and church musicians, I am convinced that the Church music will regain its proper sense, and an organist will be given his own and special place in the life of Church. There is no other way of reaching this ideal shown in the Church documents than to make sure that in every temple the¬re will be an authentic organist, who will be a professional musician as well as a good liturgy Tenderer and a theologian. Only such combination of pro¬fessionalism and vocation can give the Church good assistants. We do hope that the above described Church musicians and organists will be educated by The Intercollegiate Institute of the Church Music with its course on the Church music, which is about to start in Cracow.

(tł. Agnieszka Stańczyk)